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PMR-30 is still a whole chunk of garbage

Well, I’ve had my PMR-30 for about a year and it’s always been a jam-o-matic, but I REALLY REALLY want it to not suck. No dice. I ordered the stainless feed ramp and mag catch from MCARBO. I polished the ramp. I installed everything and a functions check. All seemed good. I did a live fire and 15 round fired off perfectly, then the problems started. FTE, followed by a FTF and then FTF over and over. Every round. 20 rounds in the mag. I tried lubing the meplat of each bullet. Same issue. At this point, I’m probably just going to reinstall the original parts, clean it up, and send it to Kel Tec to have it “fixed.” Any advice?


That should have been your first move. The second I have difficulties with a new gun, I’m on the phone ASAP right after that shooting session to see what they want to do like sending me replacement parts so I can fix it myself or if they want me to just send the whole thing in.

Get KT to fix it and make sure it runs stock. I won’t upgrade a firearm until I’m sure it will run in stock configuration. KT will very likely get it fixed the first time and the turnaround time will probably be nothing. I recently bought a KSG12 shotgun and it was a basket case out of the box. I sent it in and they had it turned around and on its way back to me in a couple of days. Door-to-door wasn’t even two weeks. And, insist they email you a pre-paid shipping label. They did it for me and 2nd day Air shipping for pistols, like your PMR30, sure isn’t cheap!


That’s fantastic. I’ll get right on that! What carrier did you use to mail it?

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FedEx because that’s the free label Kel-Tec emailed me. If they send you a UPS label or whatever, then use that. LOL


@Bullhammer8302 I’ll send you a label and $100 for that piece of junk :rofl:


I had this very same experience then, like others have said I gave Kel-Tec a call. The lady send it in with a description of the problem. Less than 2 weeks after I sent it in it was returned. They left my MC parts in, and since this was a first Gen pistol they replaced almost everything in it. This is now one well functioning piece. It will now rip off 31 rounds of anything you feed it without a hiccup. Before this it wouldn’t fire 3 rounds without jamming.


KT customer service rocks. They may be a bit slow at times, but the service is always great. I know because I’ve had a lot of experience with it. In fact, at this point, I’d feel cheated out of the entire KT “experience” if I didn’t have to send a gun back at least once. I’ve had to send in every single gun I’ve bought from them. I got soooo close with my G2 S2K. It was perfect out of the box. 100% reliable and accurate. I thought, FINALLY, I got a good one and then, boom. Recall notice for needing the barrel replaced, so it had to go back to the mothership. :rofl:

Thankfully, it was still 100% after getting it back. It was a PITA waiting for the 10 or so weeks to get it back, especially since a recall should be top priority. I recently bought a KSG12 shotgun that was a basket case out of the box, but they got it 100% and on the way back to me in only a couple of days after checking it in. Door-to-door was less than two weeks and most of that was shipping because long guns can go ground, which was awesome. :+1: