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PMR-30 Holiday Upgrades

Time to install a trigger, stainless feed ramp & mag catch which should complement the extra power spring already in place.
Pro tip: don’t have polishing compound, use baking soda and water to make a paste.


Merry Christmas Elle. How have you been?


And time, total time on this 1 hour 45 minuets less the 2 gin & tonics I imbibed while casually installing everything. The issue I was having was I the trigger reset screw had it out to far and had to cut down an alien wrench to fit in there. I no range tone yet but it dryfires fine.


I am doing well, leg is healing and I see my surgeon tomorrow and hopefully doing my first meet and greet with a prosthetist soon. I need a double knee replacement how ever that’s going to be a moment. Got a rod inside my right leg that makes a TKR very tricky and the right is equally difficult being a BKA. How ever I have faith in western medicine and I’m sure my surgeon will find me a specialist.

Thanks for asking and thanks to everyone here who helped me out. Hope you all are safe this season, I’ve lost 3 friends this year and I hope to keep it at that.


The next project is to take all the parts I’ve amassed over the past 13 years and do a total rebuild on my Derbi Paddock and Derbi Senda over this winter. Finally found an extended Swingarm in France for the Senda and a performance inner rotor 60 Watt stator and CDI for the Paddock. Got both of them for €220 plus shipping. The rest of the performance parts including a steeper ratio and speed gearbox set is all sitting in a box waiting for years.

If there are any Motörhead’s I’ll be posting links to my new YouTube channel I’m developing. I’ll be teaching 2 stroke theory and also teaching folks how to convert their Carburetted 2 stroke motorcycles over to EFI.
Expected timeline for that content to be edited and available will be in April.
Much love to all of you and your families this holiday season.


Well done. Another fan of HF like me.


Godspeed EnTroPicGirl, all the best, and best of luck with the leggins, and Seasons Greetings and happy New Year.
On the bright side… 2021 can’t be worse than 2020! :grinning:

BTW, A skill testing question… I have a 9.9 hp. Johnson outboard, Mod. No. CJ10RCES and SER. No. C 8247885. Wondering what the year of my outboard is and I can I put a carburetor from a 15 hp. on it, will I get a performance difference, if so a guess how much…
LOL, You’re in the Hot Seat.


@Moosecall I can probably answer the first question now.
Figured you wanted to see how Elle does on the skills test first though, before I said anything.
Besides, if I cut her off before having a chance to answer, for me there would be probably be no points awarded. :rofl:

Get’em Elle. Hahahaha…


Yes, busted…
Thanks for skirting this one.


Here’s the thing, what year is that motor and how many years/hours of service do you have on it? Cause here’s my issue with more power from small displacement motors.

I built a Yamaha Zuma Motor into a twin cylinder 32HP rocket that did a 1/8th mile in 6.03 how ever you might as well installed a reverse odometer counting backwards from 1600 and I doubt it would last that long. Small displacement high strung motors don’t last long. Which leads me to the next statement. Of your new higher HP motor was to fail where is it likely going to leave you stranded? This is the big one here, if your motorcycle or scooter breaks down it leaves you waiting for AAA a luxury you don’t have on boats and snowmobiles.

I didn’t bother looking to compare the carburettor size betwixt the two cause I can make a manifold I can grind your intake to match the ports how ever non of it will be cost effective and it will likely leave you with a motor that has 2 throttle positions open and closed with little in between and roll on will be slow due to loss of air velocity. That can be compensated with using a KART style intake with Venturi into the box which pressurized the box and enhances roll on speeds.

To be honest not really the sort of thing I stick to motorcycles, Vintage scooters and JetSki’ show ever to answer you like any mechanic should. We went to the moon by throwing money at a problem, so yes I could install a Weber or DelLorto onto your little engine no problem how ever it’s gonna kill the thing and would likely use a ton of gas.

Sorry not going to looking up carburettor bore diameters and try to sort out displacement vs air velocities to say that if you want more HP get a larger motor cause alll you’ll effectively do is kill this o e faster and leave yourself stranded somewhere that might not have cell service.


PS didn’t look up the specifics on any of the models I address people asking for larger carburettors from the stance of is it safe and what’s your expectations not can it be done. I can install fuel injection onto your weedwacker but it will cost ya $120.00 an hour for the work and $30 an hour for all the time I spend researching how to do it.

Sorry if I didn’t bother looking up specifics but I don’t get into semantics till it’s time to write a service ticket.


Happy Holidays Elle’ Hope You have a Good One!


Roger that, just a passing thought now.

If you wish to move forward on it some day hit me up we can exchange info and I can maybe point you in the right direction. Till then tug and shake that prop see if it has any play in the bearings. Also remove the covers and if you can give the end of the crankshaft where it attaches to the pull starter a jiggle and shake see if the bearings are in good shape. Remove the spark plus put the engine at TDC and stick screwdriver down there and rotate the crank forward and backward see if there is any play in the connecting rod do the same at the bottom of the stroke. Nothing kills a motor faster then trying to squeeze a drop more power out of it.

Not to sound like my dad but failing to plan is planning to fail, failures to plan on jetskis and boats is how people die. So hit me up if ya choose to move forward maybe I can make some suggestions.


Hey, thanks again. Not sure if I will peruse it, just a thought if it was a clean swap out.

I kind of wanted to kick the motor up a bit to get my 15’ aluminum to to plain with 2 people and gear.

LOL, just for fun, put my brothers 15 Johnson on the aluminum, it’s rated for a 10 hp., and it went really nice with 2 people.

What inspired me…

Stay safe, & Cheers,

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@Moosecall I put a new 25 Mariner on my first 14ft lund
All within factory Weight and Horse power factory Tag.
When the Weather here "S***‘s the Bed’’ I want to get off the Water and to a Safe & Happy Cove Asap and Know I’ve got the power to stay on top of bad waves and not it the Trough, looking up at a wall of Blue Water,and not peeing myself. :joy:
Like Elle Suggested! Never Half A** Changes on your power plant on the Good Ship Lollipop’ :smiley:


Noted: same motor, same weight, I beefed up the transom, only difference, should it be a clean swap, is rotating the throttle from 3/4 (9.9) to wide open (15). Applied as needed.
BTW, it’s difficult to source a 1989 15 hp. carb. anyway, it’s that magic year where changes occurred, being the exhaust pipe (might still be pre 1989) and reed valves (1989 or 1990), and possibly some parts on the carb/throttling. If a compatibility checks out OK, others have done it. The trolling will also be faster if not adjusted. Anyway, I have purchased a 9.9 carb kit and need to get around to installing it, another reason for the interest in the mod.