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Pmr 30 feed ramp?

Hope I’m doing this correctly.
I was looking at the feed ramp and noticed on the back where the slide stop spring goes it looks as though someone melted the area where the spring clips in ?
This picture is the back of the feed ramp
It looks like someone melted the space where the slide stop spring goes in.
It looks as though it could possibly keep the spring in.
Anyone see this in their PMR 30 ?

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I see that . Very strange . Mine isnt melted . Just curious if you bought your weapon new or used ?

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I agree, I did not see that on mine either. I replaced the plastic feed ramp with the metal one and things work fine. Quite honestly, the feed ramp should have been metal from the factory but hey, cost reductions make it affordable for more people and those that want something better can add it later. . . or have someone else do the work.