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PMR-30 Extra power spring

Just shot a video of me Installing the extra power spring. The method I used; as far as I know, is something I’ve never seen before but it’s the easiest way to relieve tension on a captive spring. I’ll be getting that up some time next week.

Meanwhile my problem is I find it difficult to rack a round, it’s pretty stiff. What I’d like to find is this exact side charger. It looks nice I’m guessing it came in other colours and installs pretty flat. Anyone have a clue who make it?


Recheck the Mount Screws on slide! if they are too tight they will cause a Problem’ Ran into this Problem when I installed the Burris Fast Fire 3 on mine.

I’m just not that strong in my hands and it’s difficult to grab I’m trying to find a scope base with that cocking lever on the side. Hope in someone here has a clue. I’d make one but I need a new bandsaw blade


Help me. What I see in that pic is a combo charging handle/micro red dot sight mounted to a combination charging handle/optic mount. Following? Seems to me that the mrds is plenty big enough to get hold of when the slide needs racking.

I only run a mrds on one pistol but I promise the mrds gets grabbed whenever the slide gets racked.

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I’m not going to be running a sight, I prefer standard “iron sights” just want the charging handle.

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I’m not sure you would be able to use the iron sights with the charging handle in the picture, looks like it would obscure the rear sight.
Maybe something like this could be adapted:

Can you weld a tab to the side? I saw a video some time ago where a guy could no longer grip the slide so a tab was welded to the slide for his to pull…

It was on the show where the Red pervert without a manufacturing license abused his shop workers on a regular basis…

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Sadly my brand new mig welder was to be the long list of things that went missing, even if I did have it there would be issues like changing the temper of the metal and the fact I am horrible at welding, how ever if you need someone to vaporize some aluminum or steel I’m ya girl.

Flip side I can cut one out of a little piece of billet I have left after making some motor mounts.