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PMR-30 extra power recours recoil springs

I’ve used this self isolation time to hone my shooting skills at my private range in NE Michigan. Come on over zombies!

I also did some work on my PMR-30. I purchased: a new stainless steel feed ramp, to replace the plastic one, a new mag release that will hold the magazine up tighter in the mag well to better align the bullets with the feed ramp, new extra power recoil springs to assist in making sure the bullets come to battery, and finally, rubberized grips to aid in grip control.

So far, I’ve only installed the extra power recoil springs. Wow! What a difference! I’ve always like the PMR-30. The idea of having 30 rounds of 22 mag ammo ready to rip, is great. The truth is though, before changing out the recoil springs, I could never get through a full 30 round mag without at least a couple Failures To Feeds. Sometimes, depending on the ammunition I was using, or the magazine I was using, is experience several FTFs in a single 30 round mag. Since changing out the recoil springs, the gun is even more fun, and a great joy to shoot. Yesterday, I shot l80 rounds with zero FTFs. Just for kicks, I dumped a fully loaded mag of 30 as fast as I could pull the trigger. It was awesome.

If you make only one upgrade to your PMR-30 this should be it! I bought the new feed ramp and mag release too. As well as the gun is running, I’m in no big hurry to switch them out.


@Bri where did you order your parts from

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I ordered them all from MCARBO


@Bri Welcome back to the Hood’ @Whitehammer Yesterday Ordered the New feed Ramp, and Mag release, and the New Adjustable Trigger!
Comes in 2 Colors’ Better Hurry I don’t think they will hang around too long if History Repeats Itself ! :laughing:
Can’t believe Chris has not posted this Great News of It.