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PMR 30 & CMR 30 replacement ramps

I just bought both of them. I’ve shot the PMR some problems with failure to load which I think is user problem (me). I’ve ordered the new feed ramp and magazine release for both. I’ve watched the video on the PMR what is different about the replacement of the ramp on the CMR or is there one?

Also anyone who has these what do you think about them? What are your thoughts about the CPR?



Welcome to the brotherhood @Thumperthree. I don’t have a CMR or the new feed ramp but on my PMR if I use the speedloader I can count on having some FTF’s. Tried it on two magazines, both half-loaded and fully loaded. Same magazines loaded by hand had no FTF’s at all. I think it’s just the way the rounds sit when pushed down by the loader.

Also, I usually don’t load the magazines to the max. I put 25 rounds in each mag, it neatly uses one box of ammo for two mags, and I rarely get FTF’s. YMMV

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@Thumperthree Welcome to the Hood’ As Far as to the Loading on Magazines’ Key Point What ever the count 10/15/20/25 First Round is on the Left as per the Design of Mag.
Hornady Case lube for the ammo also helps for the FTF’S.
I thought their was 2 videos on this Update?

I have both firearms too. Them PMR had issues with FTF and FTE. The problem came down to the ammo I was using, Aguila. I found that using CCI, Winchester, Federal and loading a even number of rounds in the magazine and using WD40 dry lube solved the issues. I tried the Aguila once more and had the same issues again. The CMR never saw the junk ammo only good quality ammo and no issues.


@Thumperthree welcome to the forum

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I own the PMR 30 . I bought it new with two clips and the case . I have found that the hornady V max 30 grain teflon tip ammo loads the easiest . I also found that loading the clip in a staggering method is critical to prevent any feeding issues . I really love this gun . No problems. I field stripped it as in the manual right out of the case and found it to be a bit difficult to reassemble but I got it after watching a couple of videos on YouTube. I also bought the upgrade kit but I planned on waiting till I need it to do the install.i did get to shoot a snake with it the other day . No survivors.