M*CARBO Brotherhood

Pmr 30 bundle kit

@ChrisNelson Nice Job on These Updates for the PMR’
Would have been nice if you Guys had thrown in the Special Wrench,which I was not aware of When I Pre Ordered 2 kits and before it became a bundle Kit ! I suggested this Idea to you Guy’s I’m the Idiot Here’ :rofl:
Was a True test of Patience on the Feed Ramp/Slide bar Spring’ Special tool making 101’ :grinning:
The Dead Trigger repair at end of Video was Helpful’ as I followed your instructions of 2 Threads for Pre’ and 5 for the Reset.
As Always (M*carbo Gang) Outstanding Job to All :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Love my PMR 30. Can’t wait to see M Carbo add Aluminum Buffer. Don’t know if it needs some cushion being nylon but it is really flimsy and I’ve replaced it twice. I hate the stock mag release way too easy to bumb release, needs to be very recessed, hope you could look at that. Great Kit. will order one when have bucks. Thanks


I’m about to order the kit even thought I had already done the extra power spring a month or so ago. I’m a little hesitant because Kel-Tec Is our of stock on some of those small springs and bits and I fully acknowledge that I’m blonde, and will drop something I can’t replace. What was your estimated time for installation?


There must be a lot of blondes here too because I think we’ve all done it, including me. Something that may help is to use a large freezer bag - you can put both hands in it and see everything too. Sadly, I’ve disregarded my own advice, and that’s when springs decide to fly the friendly skies. :smile:


Welcome to the Brotherhood If I have not Already done So’
As far as to kit! Order the Wrench!! I was not aware of It and it will make your life(More Better) Than Having to build One by Scratch,
As far as Flying Widgets and Launching Stuff into ‘‘Hyper Space’’
It’s a nice bundle and Not even close to some of the Flying Events& Stories, We have heard with the Sub 2000 Updates, and all the New Neat Mod’s, We all had Suggested and Wanted to The M*Carbo Gang! as per the Norm they Listened and made it, So Tear downs and Cool Updates Just kept Coming.
Enjoy& Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help& Watch the Videos That Chris has put A’lot Knowledge and Effort in to for Us.