M*CARBO Brotherhood

Please be aware of prohabitions

Above page is a link to a warning to my friends and soldiers who I had the honour to work along with. This is happening just to the north of you and can only trickle down from here. I have seen what is going on in places like California and have to wonder what the logic is behind driving such decisions. In Canada we are on the verge of having property arbitrarily taken away on the premise that it is the best thing for public safety with ZERO evidence of such claims. Today FA’s tomorrow what? Our government wants to use what is called an Order in Parliament to ban hundreds of legally owned FA’s literally that day and make millions of legal FA owners criminals over night. Whether I own FA’s or not I took an oath as a soldier to uphold the freedoms of the people of this country I swore to protect. On the table? Prohibition of all hand guns, semi auto riffles and sniper type weapons.