M*CARBO Brotherhood

Pleasantly Surprised with my Sub-2000

I’ve had this gun a few months,but have never been able to shoot it until this weekend. I’ve installed just about everything that MCARBO makes for it including a LH optic mount and a Sig Romeo 5 red dot.
The trigger upgrade is nice,but I’m used to shooting rifles with zero take up,and 1 lb pulls,so I’m not impressed with a 4 lb trigger. It works great,but too heavy for my taste.

I sighted it in co-witnessing the front sight in 3 shots. I had to adjust the front sight down a few clicks,and then moved the dot to set right on top of the front pin. This little carbine will shoot dead on target at 25 or 50 yards.
I’m going to start having some fun shooting this thing!


If you think 4 lbs is bad what about the original 10 lb pull? THAT was a crappy trigger. And plastic to boot. I’m with you tho. Mcarbo upgrades make this gun a real shooter.