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Plastic bolt cover replacement

All Things SUB-2000! Can I get a metal bolt cover


Not sure what you’re asking for. A bolt cover for a Sub2K? Don’t know that there is one, either plastic or metal.


Mine is plastic can I get a metal one to replace it


Your WHAT is plastic? I’m trying to figure out what part you are calling a bolt cover There is no part by that name in the parts list.


Okay, let’s start over.

  1. Is this for a Keltec Sub2000?
  2. Is this an internal part (inside the gun) or an external part (on the outside of the gun)?
  3. is it in or on the butt of the gun (aft of the handgrip and trigger), in or on the handgrip and trigger assembly, or forward of it (the barrel assembly)?

Yes, I’m being a little facetious, but I’m trying to figure out what part you’re talking about. No one can help you if you don’t make it clear what you need.


Sounds like OP wants metal grip halves just like 'bout a third of the brotherhood.

Bolt already rides in a metal bolt tube (serialized component so the tube is also the receiver) that covers it.

OP … describe this bolt and its plastic cover for us.

If it is grip halves you want … look for a Sub 9 which preceded both generations of Sub 2000. That’n came with metal grip halves that are also the serializee receiver and throws in last round bolt hold open for good measure.


I am sorry I am talking about the bolt cover


When he said bolt cover I took it to mean something like the dust cover on an AR. I don’t want to play 20 questions animal, mineral, or vegetable.


That does not help me. The bolt is an internal component. Any cover would change the dimensions and prevent it from moving in the tube.


Yeah, you’ve said that three times now. WHAT PART ARE YOU CALLING A “BOLT COVER”???


The bolt collar my bad sorry

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Bolt collar … if you have plastic, that is the newest product update. You may suceed in rounding the plastic and threading on a metal sub collar or even an AR15 Castle Nut. But no direct replqcements have been offered.

The way Kel Tec designed that catch a direct netal replacement will wear away the plastic tabs that secure it pretty quickly. And, so you know, the gen 2 metal collar is actually glued in place. The grip halves have not actually been threaded for more than a decade.

Anyway, I found this pic to help identify the part so I’m sharing it since I had downloaded it to share.


There are two versions of the collar, metal or plastic. As far as I know they aren’t interchangeable. Either can be purchased at Keltec. You might also consider using an AR castle nut - use Search to look for that thread here…



Thanks for the information I just got it a couple weeks ago and I love it


25 yards out the box I pulled 2


Lots of great assistance.
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All set to go. A thank you to @phuzzy42 for this months targets. As always, any suggestions can be PM’ed to me for consideration.

A reminder that for all rifle divisions, those shooting with iron sights will earn a bonus of 2 points at 25 & 50 yards while a 5 point bonus for 100 yards still applies. Five rounds per target, shoot as many divisions as you wish but submit only one target per division.

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Riflemen in the 50 & 100 yard divisions will shoot this Rifle Target

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