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Pictures We Love


this is my daughter at christmas


my girlchild. 1 more year, and shes off to college. 17 and stretching her wings, now. so far ,so good.


Here’s the whole fam damily, all together at same time which is too infrequent these days. Both our sons just started good jobs out of college. The wife and I have been a great team together for well over 30 years now. If I died tomorrow I’d still be thankful as have had my share of good fortune and then some.


this ones my favourate and proudest i love my baby girl:family_man_girl::heart:


A lovely lady and you should be proud! College degree, correct?


batchlor of arts degree in french with first class honours who wouldnt be proud she has also done her masters degree in political science since then she now living and working in holland @PattonWasRight