M*CARBO Brotherhood

Pick 6 Range Fun

Figuring on burning through a little pistol ammo tomorrow. I’m due … Haven’t even packed the rolling hauler n nearly a year.

This is tomorrow’s team:

Left to right, it’s:

Dan Wesson 715 wearing a 4" barrel
Colt Trooper Mk III 4"
Dan Wesson Silverback 10mm
CZ 75 Compact Shadowline
CZ 75 Shadow Tac II

It will be the first time out of the gate for both of the CZ 75s.


That a serious range hauler you’ve got yourself there. I appreciate the organization as well.:+1:t3:



Nice setup! I need something like that for when I go to gun shows. I buy a lot of ammo at gun shows and boy does it get heavy in a hurry!


happy shooting brother


@Dred Sweet setup there Milton. I may have to steal that idea. They are lockable?


Awesome! Attempted to go to the range today but the road was closed due to black ice, we had a heavier then expected storm that dumped snow very low.


Made the range and had a blast. It was much too crowded to play with the camera, but I’ll shoot some pics tomorrow.

Both CZs are awesome. I did a lot of double action shooting and I handle it better than I remembered. Turns out the broad side of the barn would not fair well if I was to shoot at it. Shot the 75 at 10 yards and the 75 Compact at 7 yards. Very first shot from each produced a bullseye from double action.

I was thoroughly disgusted with my 10mm mag performance. I picked up 5 Sig packaged, Wilson Combat marked 10mm mags some time ago. Turns out they are all worthless - they can’t feed the last round. The springs are inadequate and the tubes are several guages higher (thinner) than my other 10mm mags.

I’m looking forward to receiving the Holosun 508T I just ordered. It’s gonna ride the plastic fantastic 1911 - the American Tactical FXH-45. It shoots low but very accurately.

I also ran a few cylinders in the revolvers - They’ll be getting some skateboard tape on the backstraps


I needed a little more play time so I ran 'bout 300 rounds again today. I only shot the CZs today.


They do look good @Dred (esp. together), and if they shoot half as good as they look, I’d say you’ve done well. :+1:t3:


I recently acquired a similar setup ( Rigid Pro Tool Cart & Pro Organizer ) as those two stacked together will just slide in the back of the truck, under the cover. I use the base to store my front rest, rear bags, spotting scope & mount, targets, cartridge capture net, ear protection, & small tool sets. The upper one has room for a 2-3 handguns & ammo. I mainly use that setup for the local indoor range so I can take along a couple cased rifles on one shoulder then pull the portable cart with the other hand. I also use the setup as a seat as the chairs they have at the indoor range are too low for a good shooting position when shooting off the bench. I’m on the lookout for a cushion as it gets a bit uncomfortable for longer range sessions. I used to attempt to carry some of that equipment in a larger range bag, but it was heavy and hard to maneuver through the double doors.

It would certainly work for my outdoor range as well as most of the same equipment is used there. One can always unload everything and use it as a portable tool transport as it was intended.

BTW - I’m kind of fond of CZ pistols as well . . . I have a 75 D Compact , 75 SP-01 Tactical, & a 97 D (all with Cajun Gun Works kits ), but the favorite shooter is the 75 Shadow Tac II.


It is hard to beat CZs. Some of my favorite pistols. I have the Shadow 2 SAO, P01, and the P07. All of them have been Cajunized.



Yeah, agreed. My LGS sometimes has a stainless CZ75 - ummm, nice.

I might still buy a CZ83 if I ever get to see one for sale in person again. Very nice!


Went shooting at my buddy’s farm this past weekend…fired 7.62x39 (Mini 30), .223 (AR pistol), 40 S&W (S2K), 9MM (CMMG Banshee) and 22LR (Charger, 10/22, Marlin XT-22TSR). The round 1/2" thick steel targets did not due well with 7.62x39 and .223 hits but the 3/8" thick AR500 silhouette was fine.


Is it in Pennsylvania?


@chilipepper No, just about 45 min. from my house. We set up along the bottom of that hill just over the fence.


Nice, that beats my range trip on time. Looks like a nice spot as well.


My favorite range guns. Milton, I do not have as many as you do right now, but I am working on that. The S2 is still my favorite range gun for now.