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Picatinny Rail for CZ 45x Rifles Discontinued

It seems that I bought one of the last Picatinny rails for my CZ 452 earlier this year, as they are no longer offered by M*Carbo. This is a great addition to the 45x-series of CZ .22 LR rifles.

There is another brand that has an identical design, but it is 2-3 times more expensive than what I paid to M*Carbo. I see there is also a posting of the Marlin 60’s discontinued rail as well. I have 3 buddies that bought Marlin 60’s in the past year, and would love to have Picatinny rails for their scopes/optics. Please reply if anyone has a source for the Marlin 60 rails.


Try these guys, just picked up a rail and some other parts for my CZ 457 from them. I thought their prices were pretty decent but have no real reference…



DIP is a goto for Marlin Rimfire bits. Putting a rescue Papoose in a side folding stock. Soo my build got full trigger kit from MCARBO, metal trigger guard and Pic rail from DIP.


I’m really pleased with the quality of the DIP gear I got for the CZ. Fit and finish is top notch and I think their prices are reasonable as well.


Thanks for all the replies. The DP Products was the company I referenced (without name) that is more expensive than MCarbo’s prices when they carried the same adapter rails. I am fortunate that I purchased mine before MCarbo discontinued theirs.

I also found a rimfire dovetail-to-Picatinny Rail from UTG on Amazon. UTG is American-made, and I have used their accessories a lot. I mounted the rail on my Winchester M9422 and found that Winchester did a poor job of machining the dovetails on the top of the receiver. With a bit of custom machining on the rail and a spacer on the left-side of the dovetail, I got it to work rather well. I mounted a red-dot sight and a cheek-piece riser. I hope to get out this weekend to try-out the combination. Stay tuned.