M*CARBO Brotherhood

Phoenix Arms HP22

So I’ve had a Phoenix Arms HP22 for 10 years now. Took it out to the range for the first time in a while and did really good with it at 10 yards.

I just ordered the recoil spring and trigger spring kit from MCARBO to see if I can’t tighten that group up anymore.


Just installed the trigger spring kit and and heavy recoil spring. High quality parts as always from MCARBO. east install as far as this pistol goes. Can’t wait to go test it out.


My groups today with my the new trigger kit and recoil spring in the phoenix HP22a. I would of kept practicing but my 10 year old magazine finally bit the dust. I’m going to order 2 more with the finger extension and see if I can’t tighten that group up just a little more with some quality ammo.


@ChrisNelson just an idea of an upgrade for the Phoenix Arms HP22/25a. How about a piece of picatinny rail milled out to did over the ribs on top of the barrel. A couple of screws to clamp it on and then we could mount a red Dot on it.