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PF-9 Issues after M-Carbo Upgrade

 I have a 10 year old PF-9 that never had a FTF or FTE. I used what I think is basically an excellent upgrade kit from M-Carbo. Went to the range and fired S&B, Winchester and Magtech 115 gr FMJ.  Each brand had occasional light primer strikes and FTEs.  
 If you did the full upgrade did you have similar issues? How did you solve them?  Did you find ammo that was 100% reliable and if so what brands and type?
Should I switch to +Ps? Will the Keltec withstand +Ps? 

If the only answer would be to remove the aftermarket springs in what order should I go about it, e.g. hammer or firing pin or trigger first, then which?
Thanks for your input.


Hammer spring first for the light primer strikes. Shells have to work reliably before fixing the other problems. :slight_smile:

I personally wouldn’t use +P but that’s just my own opinion.

Thanks for your response, Phuzzy42.
I replaced the hammer spring today. Trigger pull went from 3 lbs. back up to between 3 3/4 lbs. up to 4 lbs., still pretty decent for a double action pistol. I failed to measure the trigger pull before doing the upgrade.
I’ll report back here with the results in a few days when I get to the range. Hopefully I wont have to replace the recoil spring as well. I’ll take the OEM recoil springs with just in case.

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The heavier recoil springs (20lbs M*Carbo compared to the factory 16lb) are probably causing the FTF and FTE problems - the slide doesn’t go back as easily so it may not flip an empty off the ejector or go back far enough to pick up a new round from the magazine. The firing pin spring is to prevent it from getting stuck in the ‘out’ position - you don’t want slam fires.

3 3/4lb trigger pull in DA is damn good - I don’t have less than 7 lb in any of my DA pistols. Maybe that weight is the SA pull?

Issue Resolved. Removal of the the hammer spring alone returned 100% reliability with approximately 100 rds. I used PMC 115 gr. brass target ammo, Fedarms coated rd nose 115 gr ammo and Federal HST 124 gr JHP.

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