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PERMITLESS concealed carry

Arkansas is a constitutional carry state yet no none will admit it! Except for a hand full of honest law enforcement officers that is.i have been lide to and run around all the way from little rock to our 2nd district prosecuting attorney-who won’t return my calls…:unamused::rooster::dash:finally out local vCard instructor told me no permit is required,the only ones lying and blowing smoke are the ones who don’t want us to use are 2nd amendment…nice eh?


Oooops! That’s supposed to be cc,as concealed carry! Not v card! Stupid word suggestion.sorry!


Yes … Trust that I celebrated it for you when you got constitutional carry. I am going to suggest you look into US Law Shield or something that will afford you someone willing and able to explain the limits.

E.g., open carry of long arms is legal in Texas until Penelope Snowflake reports that she is intimidated by your inanimate object - at this time her rights are more important than yours and you can land yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Also, you want to find out how folks can limit your rights on their property. E.g. the ever popular No Beretta’s sign doesn’t mean squat in Texas.


Thanks for your reply man,the cops(mostly) play dumd Some say that will arrest me,some say they would prefer me to carry it concealed-I won’t be arrested! So ya know,if permitless carry WASN’T legal,why would the guy that gets payed to give the course tell me so? And he is a police officer.dosent make sense for him to lie about it!


Will be moving to Arkansas someday soon


True dat brother!(with cautious optimism :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)while I support our(honest forthright)men&women AND animals in law enforcement 100%,it only takes 1.i have the mis fortune to be stuck in a town of 2k,(I got nowhere elsewhere to go…)where the police tend to be biased to the criminals and dope heads-I e ven saw and was privy to the chief covering up a FEALONY robbery!ok?they all went to school together or are related SOMEHOW in this godforsaken deliveriesburg county AR! reason#1 I carry! I’m not real popular with the druggies,I have my opinions,the right to remain silent but be damned if I have the ability! Our police force is as crooked as my leg,and I’m ashamed to say that.bastards.im disabled and walk with a cane and garuntee you I would get hassled if not arrested for carrying in this town.it only takes 1 idiot to feal like he has to impose his authority.there IS 1 idiot here.nobody else would dare.not even the chief…heard of ARvsTAFT? HUGHESvsAR would reing like the worst parts of the Bible down upon the arresting officer,RECTOR P.D., the city of rector,the county of clay,the state…and NO amount of money would make me go away…


I feel you Scott here in Florida we can open carry certain times but 98% of the cops don’t know the law that they are supposed to upholding. I’ve been stoped and messed with a lot and was even put in jail once over open carry now only the newbies mess with me. But by Florida statue 790.25 ,3, h. A person engaged in fishing, camping, or lawful hunting or going to or returning from a fishing, camping, or lawful hunting expedition can open carry


Well I will say I can see law enforcements side of it too,I MEEN I’m not comfortable with some of the yabbos around here carrying a weapon since they don’t know one end from the other,there’s that! I train with mine every month,at least 300 rounds.the only reason we have a concealed carry course is because Arkansas is so stringent it’s recognized by most other states,or so I’m told.


Just an opinion post.

Permitless carry doesn’t exist. We all have a permit. It’s the US Constitution. Yes, most states have infringed.

But I submit Constitutional Carry is a more accurate description in the states that have recommited to our US Constitution.



An armed citizen is the last line of defense against tyranny, be that tyranny from abroad or within. And for those who would take our guns away, it would behoove them to remember this thing we call America was born from a group of rag-tag armed citizens deciding they’d taken their last bite of the Crown’s $hit sandwich and felt the need to do something about it. The fact that the same threats still exist is lost on them.


Supposedly in Texas, during case of declared national emergency (which Covid is) you don’t need a permit to carry…i would not test it though…


RIGHT ON PEPPER! I saw a qoute the other day from yamamoto to the emperor of Japan regarding invading the America,he said “they would never succeed for there is a rifle behind every blade of of grass”