Permitless carry

Louisiana house passed permitless carry, now it just needs to get pass the governor which said he would veto any law of the like, guess we’ll see…


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I am with you. What part of “shall not be infringed “ do these certain politicians not comprehend. I don’t understand how, for the most part, the same people that think murdering the unborn is vital health care, also think making it harder to carry legal firearms will somehow reduce crime. Just about as logical as a vegan in leather shoes!


If you live in Louisiana, call the governor’s office and remind him who he works for. Get anyone you know with the same views to do the same. And let them know that if they veto the bill, you wont be voting for them in the future.


Be careful about that permiteless carry, around schools. Federal law prohibits it, without a concealed permit, in a radius of 1000 ft of a school.


The libtard governor of nc roy cooper just used his veto powers on nc doing away with having to get pistol purchase permits. And he found out his veto powers wasnt worth squat when the people and the house passed the bill anyway and overturned his veto. Now we are pushing for permitless carry/constitutional carry status.



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Never been involved with this type of platform before but this one is cool.


I have mixed feelings about permitless carry. I live in Memphis, a dangerous place according to the news. I’m not so sure I like the idea of some young punk buying a pistol, stuffing it in his pants, and carrying it for all the world to see (it’s a fairly common sight these days) I have no idea if such a person is an idiot or a responsible gun owner - although the way he was carrying indicated to me at least that he was an idiot.

When I received my state issued handgun carry permit - way back in the 20th century) I was required to spend 12 hours in a classroom and on the range demonstrating that I understood gun safety and usage. In the time since I’ve spent countless hours and money honing my gun handling skills as well as my accuracy.

I would like to see a requirement that one has to attend, at the very least, a handgun safety course. I know that probably isn’t a popular take as some feel it is an infringement of 2A rights. But, at the same time I think permitless carry has a place in our modern society, hence my mixed feelings.


And laws will stop them from doing so? If they’re punk enough, they’ll do it anyways.


I know what you mean.

I carry more now than when I was working for a living in law enforcement.

Some of these individuals I see makes me very nervous.

And as 2a as anyone I still don’t like this OPEN CARRY shi$.

I know I’m showing my age. Just me.


I have been carrying more than 30 years and I’m not going to tell anyone how to carry. However, i do not open carry for the simple fact that if some idiot was to walk into a place to rob it, the first person he is going to take out is the person who is openly carrying. The thug will see him as the biggest threat. Be the gray man. Don’t stand out and try to be the hero until you have the advantage. All that said, i do sometimes open carry in my house or out on my property where i’m not in view of the public.


So true, and in today’s society you should be that way period.

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Well, like I said, I have mixed feelings.


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@meplattjr … the mexican carrying thug you describe will …

drum roll …

break a law and lose his right quick and fast. He’s going to handle it innapropriately or brandiah in no time flat - problem solves itself … assuming we’re gonna enforce laws and such.


We have lost equal protection under the law already. I assume it will stay as-is. Dem prosecutors going after everyone but the criminals. They want chaos. I cant think of any other explanation.
Only right leaning judges and prosecutors have any semblance of fairness anymore.


Just make firearms safety part of the middle school curriculum (or elementary). Would accomplish the same thing.



I am afraid, mandatory training can become a hurdle. Just for political whim. “ Shall not be infringed “ has no limits