Peep Sight Install Issue


When I installed the new folding peep sight i discovered that it introduced a slight barrel wobble at the hinge. This is enough to effect shot consistency. If I tighten the hinge bolt enough to eliminate the wobble, I can no longer fold the peep sight. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m wondering if I missed something during installation.


@Tefkar I did not experience anything like that on mine.

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Problem was reported earlier on FB forum. Nelson said to add a small amount ptfe grease to the inside of the sights flat washer. Use blue Loctite on the screw and tighten it securely. Test opening and closing of gun and adjust screw accordingly. Let Loctite setup for 24 hours. You can make a mark on the screw and washer to see later on if they are turning or stationary as you deploy sight.


I also noticed the wobble. I noticed it when folding the gun, and the front sight would catch on the stock. the gun/barrel seem solid when they’re closed, but the wobble when folding is still annoying. will try Don68’s solution…

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This thing really had me stumped. Nothing i attempted was fixing the barrel wobble. I finally gave up on the notion that the peep sight was the issue and decided the sight must be exposing a deeper issue. And it was.
Apparently the barrel nut was loose. :grin: oops.

Good as new now. Apparently, before installing the peep sight, tightening the hinge screw was enough to compensate for the loose barrel nut. I can’t tell you how much time I put into this.


What is this barrel nut you’re referring to?


You have to remove the polymer shroud from the barrel. At the breach end there is a smooth round nut that pushes against two washers. Use fingers or soft jaw pliers to adjust the nut. Too loose and the barrel is loose at the hinge when closed to the shooting position. Too tight and the barrel will not close to the shooting position.


Learn something new every day. That’s why I like this forum.


No kidding and thanks, Tefkar! I didn’t even know about that nut because the handguard area is the one area I haven’t had apart. I’m an expert on the receiver internals, but not the front end…yet? LOL


Would the armorer’s wrench fit the barrel nut?

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No, but no wrench is needed. Use your fingers or a pair of slip joints wrapped in masking tape. It’s just a tensioning nut, so not much torque is needed.

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