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PCC Laser sight recommendation

What kind of laser sight would be best with a pistol caliber carbine? Which brand would you prefer? Why this brand?

There seems to be a lot of these manufacturers. I have never bought one, so I figured someone else may have.


I run a Baldr Pro light/laser combo by OLight. I can’t recommend the brand on principle, but I can report total satisfaction.


Same here. Works like a champ.


Well shit, I knew I shouldn’t go down that rabbit hole.
I was hoping to spend less, but I have read nothing but great things about it.

I feel like the rail up front is low already, would there be a better way to mount? A low profile laslig perhaps?

Nice rig, I have the Hi Point in 40 S&W and love it. I have a cheap Red/Green dot sight and a even cheaper flashlight/laser mounted under the forearm. Trouble is you get flash light or laser but not both and the mount releases after a few shots. I will be following this thread with interest

Is the Olight RL or Olight PRO mountable on a Kel-Tec KS7?

I have an inexpensive rechargeable green laser/flashlight combo from Tacticon Armament on my S2k. The light is adequate and has a strobe function while the laser is bright and holds zero. The green laser version sells for $59.95 and the site is presently running a 15% discount on all items.
Two caveats: First, I almost never use the laser or light and have them mounted just in case. Second, everything the company sells seems to be rebranded Chinese imports and the quality has been spotty. On the other hand, it is veteran owned so I will buy from them when I can. They also have replaced or given a refund for all of the defective products.