Pc carbine upgrades

For those who’s have the upgrades in their ruger…did you guys installed immediately or shot the rifle stock then added the upgrades? I am waiting to shoot it stock before upgrading parts. Just looking for insight on which way to go. Thank you


I generally shoot 500 rounds or so before the upgrades. Just in case the gun has factory issues, and to know the difference of stock verses upgrade components.

Get used to field stripping, cleaning, lubing, and reassembling a stock gun first.

The ~500 round break-in period can reveal a firearms traits…as well as your own.

In the end….this is how my Ruger PCC9 turned out…and it’s running 100% reliable for any ammo/situation:




@MountainHunter makes a valid point. I’d also like to add that I shoot new guns stock and decide what I like and don’t like. These companies do a lot of testing with the guns they release to market and I’m no fan of immediately ripping parts out and replacing them just because.


That is what I was thinking. Get a few hundred rounds through it then replace with upgrades and see if there is a difference…


Also, try shooting all the various grain weights to see how it and you handles them before making mods.

Take detailed notes on how each type of bullet works in your gun…issues or no issues.

Keep track of total rounds fired.

Do you have a home range?


Great point. Its crazy how much difference there is from bullet to bullet and gun to gun. Take 2 firearms 100% exactly the same and both might like different ammo better. Its all about that fine tuning and finding that perfect combo. Now with my factory sub2k it didnt take many shots at all to know i wanted to upgrade some parts. And thanks to finding mcarbo the sub2k is night and day different with the upgrades.


I did shoot a few hundred rounds. I am right handed but left eye dominant. Part parts I have upgraded.
Tandem Kross trigger
MCarbo charging handle on both left and right side
Carbo extended mag release
M*Carbo extended bolt stop.

I have set up with Romeo 5 at 50 yards.

Shoot with glock mag well with KCI 33rnd mags


MY RUGER PC chassis carbine UPGRADES:
FOLDING STOCK-> Midwest Industries “folding buffer adaptor”, LBE buffer tube, original MOE adjustable stock
M*CARBO->Mini Brake, bolt extractor & pin, bolt buffer pad, bolt hold-open lever, mag release button
MAGPUL-> forearm QR sling socket, MBUS sights, Angled Forearm Grip (AFG-2), K-2 pistol grip, one/two point QR sling, MOE adjustable stock
HOLOSUN-> AEMS circle/dot sight
GLOCK-> three 30+ round mags

Zombies Beware!

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No home range but I do have a range near by…I will do and keep notes on information on the cartridge/grain for the rifle

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Recently I added a TACCOM flared mag well which is made of machined Delrin (an “engineering grade” high impact plastic). It snaps on tightly with absolutely no wobble and is VERY difficult to remove without the proper tools and a vice to hold the action.

This is likely my last “upgrade” before I use the PC chassis carbine in competition and is not shown in this photo.