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PC Carbine rear sight replacement scope rail

Taccom makes the above part for the original pc 9 version. However it won’t work on model 19115 with aluminum free-float hand guard. If anyone has successfully installed the taccom part on this model pc 9 with free float hand guard let me know. If not this may be a good project for mcarbo to consider! Mounting your red dot on the front half of the pc9 will most likely keep its zero better.


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I installed the Midwest Industries free float forend on mine and thought it would be good to mount my AllSight further forward. I like using it up there, but I find that no matter what I do, the sight won’t stay tight, andthe forend always has a little play. So, I’m going back to mounting the sight on the receiver.



My MI 12” handguard would come loose every 20-30 rds. I finally used Blue Locktite and it seems to be working…for hundreds of rounds.

I would not mount an optic on the guard. I do have a high mount Red Dot on the receiver so I can use the irons and have had O issues at this point.

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Blue Loc Tite rocks.


I have a Picatinny Rail from Samson Manufacturing ordered for my PC 9 (also ordered and not here yet) It fastens using the mounting holes from both Iron Sites and is 15" long. I’ll mount my Holosun 510 Elite on it (also ordered)