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Pc Carbine glock mag well

I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of m*carbo making a stronger magazine well/insert for glock mags. I have seen a lot of people complaining about putting a magazine in with too much force and bending that piece of metal that stops the magazine.


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@Rawlfish Hello and Welcome here. Slamming a Glock magazine hard enough will bend the ejector up which will drag on the lower bolt. It can then catch between the bolt and bolt head when cycling…resulting in many failures and disappointment to say the least.
Ruger mags catch and lock-in easier…we’ll yes it’s made by Ruger so it should!


Which then messes up the ejector tab as well. I would love to see some less malleable tabs used for the stop and ejector. (Note: Not the extractor in the breech!)

Agree that much can be done to tighten up the fit (back and forth play) and function overall.

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