M*CARBO Brotherhood

Pawn Shop Bargains

How many shop at Pawn Shops?

I am an expert as to Pawn Shops.
One thing is they are disappearing due to the payday and auto title lending.
Keep in mind that pawn shops make their money from folks with none.
They charge interests rates higher than the Mafia.

Pawn Shops come in two types.
The chains and the Mom&Pops. Most “Mom&Pop” are now history as they could not see the big picture. Finding a bargain in a chain happens, not so much in a M&P.

It is not very profitable taking in things I have (or steal) and marking them up for sale.
The profit is interest on the loan.
All things for sale on the floor of an intelligent run pawn shop represent a bad loan. Most M&P stores can’t seem to grasp that.

Many sell guns both used and new.
Bargains and odd things can be had.


picked up a deal on a branded Colt H-BAR Match preban for the same price i coulda walked down the street and got a plain Jane PSA for. they had just put it out. had a AIMPOINT COMP M 2 on it. thought i got a good deal.
it was used and a lil cosmetic scuffing, but looked pristine inside.
I always graze thru the pawn shops just in case. have found a few over the years. Bows, Firearms, tools, and Knives


Pawn shops out here are nothing like east cost mom and pop places. There dont ever seem to be anything resembling a bargin.

I scour the net.