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Pardini - a gun for those who can see beyond skin deep?

Who has ever shot a Pardini competition pistol?


Based on its aesthetics alone, it resembles a botched high school wood class with a bolt action .32 caliber crazy shit on top (for a lack of a better descriptor).

It appears they are made intentionally back end heavy to negate recoil (but this is a .32 s&w).
This gun baffles me. I want to like it… I truly do. I just can’t see myself ever buying a gun that looks so awkward and is as pretty as a pile of rejected gun parts swept up from under a work station.

Does anyone carry this as an everyday CCW pistol? Has this gun cemented itself into your favorite gun hall of fame? Is this firearm a fancy way of saying I compete in shooting tournaments and is basically bragging rights? Am I just too poor to understand the subtle nuances of such a “beautiful” gun?

Man, this gun is uglier than Eric Stoltz in 1985. This gun looks like the woman you pick up after getting too hammered at the bar and don’t remember how you got home. Then again, I am superficial and should probably not knock something so hard before ever trying to shoot it.


I think its a masterpiece, kinda like if picasso was a mechanical engineer!
I would have that on my mantle in a heartbeat, but can not see why anyone would want to carry such a blocky monstrosity.
Good find, thanks for sharing!


meant to be a bench shooter?


Just watched some competition videos with that pistol and it was shot standing unsupported.


A range in Tampa is the only (so far as I know) Pardini dealer in the US.

I rented their badly-maintained (bone-dry and not clean) GT9, if I recall the model number correctly, and it was amazing to shoot. However, it was unreliable, plausibly because of the condition they had it in.