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Parashooter Gear Custom Type 63 (Mini 14/30 carry options)

So in my quest to find a dedicated rig or pouches to fit 20 round Mini 30 magazines, I hit many speed bumps. The Chicom Type 63, I’ve noticed has been the go to rig for most anyone. It’s simple and just works. But I wanted something more, I happened upon Beez Combat Systems and requested a cut down version of their AK rig. Quality rig, but the pouches were too big for the 20 rounders. While still using the Type 63 I happened across Parashooter Gear out if San Diego. They produce modern Type 81 rigs for AK users. So I contacted them about a custom Type 63. So I finally found it, the simplicity of the Type 63 with the flexibility to attach a couple pouches and a dangler if needed/wanted.


I Like It ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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