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Panther Oracle: Anyone Have One?

I was in RK today picking up a Taurus G2C I had ordered and saw a great deal on the DPMS AR.
It’s an entry level AR with great reviews for under $400. I couldn’t resist. I bought it.
I did notice a few things that need upgrading while I was looking it over.
The stock was not very comfortable. And it really needs a quad rail hand guard.

Any suggestions or advice on upgrades or mods? This is my first AR project.
My goal is to make as good a AR as I can, as cheap as I can.
Kinda want to kill the theory that you have to spend $1200 on a good AR.
I’m not expecting to have the best AR ever, just the best I can get for under $800.

Any chance of a DPMS Oracle review or video? Is there a thread for such requests?


@ValorSolo Youtube has videos/reviews on that DPMS Oracle AR.


I’ve not had one but DMPS seems to be just fine overall and I think you’ve done just fine :+1:

Now you just need to outfit with one of these

I was looking at those earlier today online. That’s actually a little better price than the ones I saw. Thanks.

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what twist rate on the barrel?1:9,1:7 ,or 1:8 ? twist denotes bullet weight. 556/223 (wyld) barrel or 223 only barrel? good score!

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@GOBLIN Just looked it up…DPMS Oracle .223/5.56, twist rate 1:9


The last time I was at the gun shop, happened to see a small display something about a DPMS AR-15 in .223 for $389. Don’t know if it was an Oracle, but now I want to find out. I was somewhat piqued by the idea of a cheap AR like that, but not enough to inquire at the time. Think I’ll go back and check it out.:+1:

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There’s more…

You can load it up with 300BO if you go that route :sunglasses:

Sorry I missed the question. But yeah, it’s .223/5.56 with 1:9 twist.

Really thinking about free float handguard, maybe even a quad.
What would be the longest I could use on the 16" barrel?
I like the looks of the guards that go an inch or two from the hider.
Kinda been thinking 13.5". Any thoughts?

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well, inoculation sounds too late…

so I recommend start buying lowers and build them all :grin:

I like 6" on a 16", but i prefer old style carry handle to flattop.

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