Paint, Cerakote or something else?

Awesome job!


You are quite an artist. Took me months to quit stewing and just create.


Thank you!

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Wow! Nice work-on all of the above! My gunsmith asked me what I thought about coatings about a year or so ago and did I think it was feasible. . Told him I really had no idea, I had seen some really good work on some guns but I can ill afford to buy much of anything these days plus add in ammo costs, optics, mounts, etc. and I basically didn’t have a lot of use for it, personally. Told him he’d probably be better off asking other folks.
Well, he must have gotten the answer he wanted as he jumped into it with both feet and says he now does three times as much coating work as 'smith work! I may now have to commission something with him using some of that neon paint!


Here’s my new favorite chambered in 7.62x39


My latest… the stormtrooper


Anything special about coating the optics?


Thank you! Nope. Acetone bath and a scotch brite. I don’t reccomended doing the lenses covers, the rubber is a little thin and the cerakote will crack easily if you take them on and off a lot.


Given the history of such weapons, I am betting your groupings are similar to this… :rofl:



Heres a pic of pre-op for my new to me remington 597. About to get sanded, basecoated, and hydro dipped. Im waiting on a few parts and magazines before i start seeing what shes made of on the range. So i figured i might as well burn up some of the hydrographic stuff i got on hand and make this rimfire look badass. Ill post some finished pics once i get it all together.


Looking forward to seeing your creation.


Bright lime green basecoat for barrel and receiver it about matches the frog tape i used to mask off areas.

And i used a black and clear carbon fiber hydrographic film over the green. Heres freshly dipped. Just got a couple little spots to touch up before clear coating.

Now ill move on to the stock.


Basecoated the stock for remington 597 in a light tan and used a high def green, black and clear flames film. To make it different then the carbon fiber pattern used on barrel and receiver but keeping a overall green color scheme. Once again i got a little touch up to do before clearcoating. Then reassemble and put her to work. This first project ive dipped in probably a year the hydrographics just kinda fell to the sidelines of the finish world with all the cerakotes and vinyl wrap kits thats out now.


Got the remington all put back together and took a few shots just for function check. Scope rings want be here till first of the week. Then it will be dial in time and see what she can do for mail in match this month. It deffently aint a regular 597 anymore. I added a sling swivel stud mounted bi-pod and it shoots good with the irons so i beleave ill remove the weaver rail and use the raised see through dovetail rings i got coming. Then i can have my cake/scope and eat it to/irons. My buddy done named it the green machine after seeing the pics.