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P3at/p32 magazine catch constantly failing

as the owner of a p32 (my hot summer day/surf trunks conceal carry option) I’ve found the magazine catch a recurring problem as many other p32/p3at owners have. after swapping out the plastic mag catch twice I went looking for a better solution and came across an aluminum version sold by a different company. that worked good for several hundred rounds at the range and about a year of limited conceal carry duty. on my last range trip I brought along the little pea shooter and to my disappointment the aluminum mag catch has gone the path of my plastic ones and no longer holds mags. this is now three mag catches in around 1000 rounds fired and like 3 years for me.

as is well documented on the internet many avoid this issue by depression the mag release button when inserting the mag, treating the firearm like the fragile piece that it is. I did try this technique to some extent but it’s always really bothered me that I cannot just slap a mag home like every other gun I own.

enter mcarbo…to my delight I see @ChrisNelson has developed a steel mag catch to interface with the steel magazines…what a concept! to my disappointment the item shows not in stock so I’ll have to be patient and wait for production to catch up. Chris I don’t see a backorder option or notify when in stock option…perhaps that could be a feature add on the roadmap for the site? between a handful of marlin rimfires and my sub2k your parts have all proven to be great investments and I’ve really come to appreciate what you’re offering to the firearms community. thank you

has anyone here used the mcarbo p3at/p32 mag catch to date? reviews show all happy users but with time has anyone experienced issues? I was literally about to drive to my lgs to sell the p32 after my last range session but am now planning to wait until I can try the mcarbo mag catch. I cant say I love my p32 but at 10oz fully loaded it’s the only firearm that comes along when I’m in surf trunks and t-shirt only…now if it would only hold onto a magazine

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I have its bigger brother, a P-40 never had a issue with my catch, knock on wood, but
maybe they will bring out a catch for it as well so i have a spare…

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One thing that helps is to push up on the mag before depressing the mag catch when removing it. That will prevent the softer catch material from sliding over the sharp steel edge. When inserting the mag, push the catch in first and then fully seat the mag before releasing the catch.