P365 x macro sear spring issue

Hello, everyone.

I recently installed the p365 trigger kit in my X Macro, and it feels much better than the OEM setup. My only issue is that upon re-assembly of the FCU, specifically the safety lever pin, the short leg of the sear spring will not sit on the bar as intended. It seems like there’s a little “ledge” inside that the leg pops up onto when you maneuver it out of the way to make room for the safety lever pin. Once installed, the little leg will not come down off of that ledge, no matter what I do.

If the sole purpose of the short leg is to provide upward pressure for the sear to stay in place, it seems to do that regardless of being on the ledge or on the safety lever pin. Seems like it wouldn’t be an issue… but it irks me that I can’t seem to replicate the condition of the pin/spring to what they were when the firearm came from the factory.

Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, how did you manage to fix this?

Any help is immensely appreciated.

edit: I reached out to Sig directly about this, and was told that they cannot give armorer advice over the phone. It was worth a shot lol.

Turn it 90 degrees. I have a p320XC and it threw me off too first couple 5 times… Now I just fight my instincts when I get to that part.

Assuming it’s the same part I’m thinking about. Pic?

I dont have my FCU in front of me, but this spring and this pin specifically. Whenever I lift up on that leg, it clicks up on a ledge and wont come down. Ive seen some videos where people encourage you to do that, but it didnt come that way from the factory.

Not at all the part I was thinking. Can’t help.

No worries. Thanks for trying!

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