P365 Double feed

Took my brother out shooting with his new P365. I loaded a round to test fire with no issues. Worked up to 5 rounds in the mag and got a double feed on the third round. Popped the mag out shook out the extra round and gun was fine. My brother who is a novice shooter puts three or four 12 round mags through the gun with no issue then experiences a double feed like I did. Before I could stop him he pushed the slide into battery Now the slide is locked closed on a spent round and a live round. The trigger did not reset however. There is enough play to remove the back plate and the striker. Should I do this then try to get the gun unjammed? I am probably just going to take it to a gunsmith. Advice would be appreciated. What is causing the double feed issue? The gun was thoroughly cleaned and lubricated before shooting it. Operation was fine before any live rounds were put through the gun. No modification were made to the gun. Ammo was Winchester FMJ range ammo. My brother wanted to begin carrying given all the violence, now he is worried about the gun not working.



I strongly recommend a call to Sig. IMO, they still need to deliver a working gun. So, Iā€™d send it for warranty.

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Thanks, I will give them a call and see if they offer any help.

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