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P226 9MM Bar-Sto Stainless, Threaded Barrel

I just installed the stainless guide rod from MCarbo.
Seems like another great product. Looks great, too.
Now I’m thinking of getting this stainless barrel.
Are these as good as I’ve read that they are?

I know how to install, just don’t know much about pistol parts.
By that I mean after market, upgrade parts, brands, etc.

Some day, I’ll want to get a 40/357 slide and upgrade it.
Get the same stainless, threaded barrel in 357 SIG.


Went ahead and ordered it. And Grayguns P-Series Master Spring Set and Sig Short Reset Trigger Kit.
Now I’ll have that $1500 Sig I’ve always wanted. Lol. Well once I get some Hogue G10 grips ordered.


Ive used Lone Wolf on Glock, Hadnt had the opportunity to flip a barrel on a SIG yet, girl child wont let me swap hers to threaded, But Bar-Sto precision machine has a excellent rep for quality. they been in business since the 70s.
looking at the EFK Firedragon (where do they come up with these names) to add a threaded barrel to the FNH Five Seven, but they pricy, going to have to wait a bit.


Nice barrel but I think I’ll have a hell of a time making it fit.

Supposed to be a drop in barrel, I think my 9MM bullets will just drop out.
I’ll have to call them tomorrow and get it replaced.

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OOPS someone needs to work on their reading for comprehension skills, OR they givin you a hint to buy another pistol to fit the barrel…hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm


I’ve got a range date setup for Sunday with a buddy from work.
Sure was looking forward to testing the accuracy of that barrel.
I can still try out the short trigger kit and reduced power springs.


Trigger is much better. I used the 19# spring and it ran flawless.
DA pull seems to be much improved. It’s clean and crisp.
Excellent upgrade. Still want that SS barrel, though.