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P210: The One I Pine For

I think it may be imperative to my health to acquire this pistol.
Feel as if I can’t survive without it. Getting harder to breathe.
Need my Precious. My sweet Precious.

And finally, I can actually afford one. Now to just find one in stock.
US made Sig P210 Standard.

It’s not an addiction, it’s a compulsion. If there’s a difference.


That’s a sharp looking pistola you’re lusting after @ValorSolo. I like the wood on it. :+1:


@ValorSolo seen quite a few around the LGS. Personally I like the one they came out with last year better than this one. It’s still sexy and I’d love to have it :+1:t2:


The Swiss P49 is made of unobtainium LoL.
Not much chance of ever getting one. Unless that lottery ticket comes through.
The new version above is a bargain at about $1000+. Just need to find one.
There’s also a target version that can be had for $1400+

I like the simple elegance of the P210 Standard



@ValorSolo sig released a P210 Target model last year. Then they came out with this cheaper version called the Standard this year. Edit: just read the rest of your post. Yea it’s a personal preference I wouldn’t turn either down but I’d like the Target model if given a choice.


I finally got my current Grail gun as it were, the Five seveN by FN, I was confused at first, because one it wont cock and lock without a magazine inserted, and it has a loaded chamber indicator as well as a take down lever. lightest gun i own at 744 gr with a full magazine of 20 rounds. I think its a MK II it is single action, it has the fwd slide serrations, and all controls are black.never owned a firearm with this many bells and whistles. not even my H&K USP.
im thinkin of going to Vegas to marry the FN at a Elvis chapel

luck to you brother on your SIG hunt. and damnit im out of likes now but I will like your posts in 3hrs and 29min…


Found one in stock at Kentucky Gun Company and put it on layaway yesterday.
Should have it in my hands sometime in March 2020.


Found a deal on these on reddit.com/gundeals

Themodernsportsman has them for 999, best price I’m seeing by about 1-200.


Had to get a quote emailed from KyGuns. They quoted it at 1005.99.
That was the cash price. 1036.17 with Credit Card or Layaway.
Still a good price and I was just glad to finally see them in stock.




No idea why it won’t show preview. It’s a new P210 model haha

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here ya go brother…
its cause Kona is protesting the new couch… :crazy_face: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :smiling_imp:

Seems like perfect timing. Lol


Picked her up this morning. Life complete.


I guess I forgot to mention I test fired it a few days ago. Lol
It was everything I hoped it would be. Such a sweet shooter.

Many years ago, when I got my first Sig and shot it, a passion ignited.
I’d never fired a gun so precision crafted and smooth as that P226.
That feeling that had almost been forgotten has now been renewed.

This is why I’m a Sig fanboy. Nothing else comes close.