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P11 trigger travel

Is there a mod to reduce trigger travel on my P11 ? Thanks.


I’m relieved knowing someone wants to better the P11. I just rediscovered mine. For some reason it had a light powdery rust too it. I cleaned it and started trying to give it that distressed look which to me is way more fitting. I bought it out of town when I left my carry gun at home and had the need for a little secure feeling. Put it away for years. Hated the trigger pull. Now I’m seeing the need for it and it fits a need. As back up car gun. Now MCARBO IS OUT OF THE SPRING KIT. JUST MY LUCK.

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I’m finding myself in the same situation. I pulled my P11 apart over the last weekend after it sat for a couple of years. I too really like the weight and compact size for a backup vehicle gun. I just wasn’t satisfied with the stiff trigger pull, so it sat a bit. I remembered that MCARBO had the trigger spring kit, but lo and behold, out of stock. I plan to also add the flat trigger to the mix, but the springs would make it right. I hope the kit comes back into stock soon. I sent Chris a message about it, but have yet to hear back. I have yet to find anyone else that produces a similar product. Kind of a bummer. I really want to experience what the kit has to offer

Hey! Got the new MCARBO KIT! Oh my God what a welcome difference. I am now relearning the firearm because it is a totally different experience. I think I’m in love. I wanted a hellcat but my keltec is the original and this setup makes it BUTTER! I hate to mention sights but twisted industries has my money for their aluminum night sights. I would have really liked to stick with MCARBO BUT HEY? Twisted industries are some friendly folks because I did seek a military discount and I talked with one of their reps and she could have sold me a pair of my own shoes! My closet queen is out of the closet now!