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P11 problems after springs, trigger upgrade

I recently upgraded my Keltec P11 with M*Carbo’s guide rod, spring kit, and flat trigger for the P9/P11, and I now have 2 new (related) problems. First, the hammer release is way at the end of the trigger travel and sometimes won’t release at all (no shot!). Second, the trigger doesn’t reset for the next shot when the slide cycles after a shot. When I cycle the slide manually, my unused round is ejected (naturally) and now the trigger is reset and ready to shoot.
I adjusted the set screw behind the new trigger, and now the tip of the new flat trigger actually ends its travel up against the polymer trigger guard as it (sometimes) shoots. I’m reluctant to start filing away the polymer trigger guard to make room for the trigger tip.
Comments? Help?

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I did this upgrade a few months ago with no problems. Are you sure you’ve got the hammer spring with the hooks facing the rear, and is the trigger return spring in the proper position ? I’d break it down and check everything just to be sure . The video M*Carbo has is easy to follow and very informative.


I can see looking up the mag well that the hammer spring is oriented correctly. I’ll take it apart (again) and look for other problems. Naturally, I followed the excellent M*Carbo video.

Figured it was worth checking. It’ll probably be one little thing. Yeah, that video is really well done. Good luck, hope you find the problem.

You might also try putting it all back to stock and making sure it functions correctly, then mod one thing at a time to help pin down the culprit. It’s usually no problem to do a bunch of mods all at once, but some guns are persnickety.