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+P Ammo In Sub2k?


To me that’s the rhino in the room

I get why a MFR says no to it when they’re giving ya a lifetime warranty

But I am wondering what people’s actual experience shooting it is

Those near 357 ballistic stats are impressive, but that’s with +p rounds


We are already getting a pretty good increase in velocity just by virtue of the 16 inch barrel in the Sub2K vs the 3-5 inch barrels typical of the handguns we are carrying. If shooters are concerned about pushing the envelope too far, then go in a different direction, use lighter faster rounds and avoid any excessive chamber pressures. Not that I believe there is a serious danger of the gun exploding, but hot rounds are harder on the action and can shorten the life of some critical parts. I am going to be testing out some Interceptor ARX rounds in both my 40cal, Glock 27 and my Sub2k. They are 88gr. and listed at 1420fps out of a 4 inch barrel. I also got some in .45 cal 112gr. at 1350fps. That’s going to be interesting in my Sig 1911.


I ran a few mags of Federal HST 124gr +p through mine to check for function because that’s what I carry in my Glock 9mms. No problems, but I wouldn’t make a steady diet of it. Too expensive anyway.


Thanks for the detail. I hear you on the lighter round. Still, I’m impressed by the foot pounds of 147 grain 9mm +p generates

I was sooo tempted by the 40 cal sub ballistic


I just run cheap ball through mine on the range. However, I have Hornady Critical Duty 135 gr 9mm +P in magazines that I hope I never use for self-defense. I’ve run a couple of magazines through it to check for gun and magazine function and am not at all worried about it. It still eats cheap ball like a starving hyena.


Thanks for confirming, that’s the same reason why I would as well.


Hey Al … I’ve heard that the critical duty +p is one of the softer +p rounds out there. If you agree with that, might be a good solution for Sub and carry gun. You’re probably already aware but the FBI choose this round

And hey … Off topic but look how much you’ve come out of the closet posting wise!