P-11 spring kit install on an older P-11

I just received my P-11 upgrade kit and I watched the install video to try to decide if I wanted to tackle it myself or send it off. My gunsmithing skill level is moderate but the video was so good I decided to try it myself because the video was excellent. Very Pro!

My P-11 has a 5 digit serial number 22XXX that I purchased brand new in early 1997. I loved it because my police duty weapon is a smith and wesson 5906 and the P-11 takes the magazines perfectly. Like everyone else, I hated the trigger.

My install went perfectly, except for one part. The trigger pin on the newer P-11 that Chris had in the video was a solid pin. The trigger pin in my gun was a roll pin. It was incredibly difficult to remove and even harder to replace once the spring swap was in. A tipped roll pin punch was a must as well as a vice and bench blocks. It is very difficult to drive out the roll pin without damaging/breaking the plastic trigger. I also could not use a punch as a guide to replace the parts as the force required to drive the roll pin in was enormous.

Moral of the story, if your pistol’s trigger pin is a roll pin make sure you have a roll pin punch and procure yourself a solid pin replacement to make life easier on the re-assembly.

My pistol is back together with a smooth 3.5 pound trigger pull. Now I can shoot it just for fun without the annoying trigger pull. I am so glad I found the MCARBO family. Awesome products!