P 11 flat trigger

I picked up a used P11, put in the MCARBO flat trigger and spring kit. Works like a champ and is a lot more fun to shoot! Thanks for the great products!


I’m still waiting for my son Hans to install his. I brought the P11 home after my brother died and it was a natural to present it to him. Not the most fun to shoot as is - I’m glad to hear you found a noteable improvement and he has recieved his already

It’s a noticeable difference, in a great way…I had to remove both screws, pre-travel/ over travel, because they were too long on mine, but it’s a lot better trigger pull, 5 lbs on my gauge…a lot better to shoot than the stock trigger. My condolences on your loss. Hope ya’ll enjoy it!

So I just installed the flat trigger and spring kit on Hans’ P11 and what a difference - the flat trigger is much more responsive and feels nice, I also had to remove the forword set screw to get the reset - so nice bringing it into the fun category. Recommend it!