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Overlanding: I want to do this

I’ve been watching videos of gear and trails for months.
Rooftop tent setups, vehicle mods. This stuff is cool.
Not that I ever get enough time off from work to go.
But some day I’ll be able to hit some trails.

Anyone here overland, like seriously get out there?


I do a type of it. Since I don’t have the coin for all that fancy stuff I stick with a ground tent, sleeping pad and what not. A couple years ago it wasn’t popular and rtt (roof top tent) were affordable, really good ones that is.

It is quite nice getting out there and camping where no one ever is. A good channel to watch is coyote works and Mark Dorian. They both do some really great overlanding with great vid quality.

Honestly you don’t need much to do it. Sure a rtt, fridge/freezer, newest bestes off road vehicle is nice but not necessary. I’ve done all my overlanding/camping with highway tread tires on my 2000 4runner and basic camping gear with a 20 year old ice chest.

One thing I do suggest is getting extra rear weight springs for what ever you drive or all heavy springs all around, gear weighs a lot, along with water and extra gas. I’m at max heavy springs +550 lbs constant weight and they are so compressed when I’m loaded down. Got to swap over to front fzj80 landcruiser springs (sitting in garage now). Keep us updated with whatever you do!

This is what I drive:


The Adventures, and The Sights,and Memory’s Are Well worth the Adventure’ Once You Leave the Main Highways of life’ to find yourself next to a small Steam & Fire with a coffee can on it full of Fresh Crawfish and a cold beer, and Know you haven’t
seen another Soul in last 200 miles of Off Roading.


I wish there were more off-grid places around me, but i take a couple buddies to some pretty remote hunting spots to setup camp. There are some very poorly maintained forest service roads we use for most of the way, and we do live off what we bring in for a few days. We dont see anyone once we get there, and its only an hour to crawl out to the highway, but its the closest i can get to overlanding, and i do enjoy it a lot.


I grew up as country as can be. Still live in the sticks.
Camping, hunting, fishing were common activities.
My interest in overlanding is more about travelling.
And adventure. Maybe some exploring. Scenery.

My dream vacation would be a week in the desert.
Flying my drone, taking photos and videos with it.
Shooting my guns. Kicking up some sand in my Jeep.
Maybe pop some coyotes at night with a thermal scope.
Make some Jack rabbit stew. LOL.

And this is my overlanding vehicle.

Thanks for all the replies, let’s keep it going.


One of these years im going to do Easter Jeep Safari for a week or so on the Moab trails. I think Moab is Mecca for us Jeep guys, gotta get there once in your lifetime. Its been calling to me since i was 14 reading my dads 4wheeler magazines.


Look up TAT(trans America trail). It’s a coast to coast ride on almost no pavement. I know guys that have ridden it on motorcycles. Don’t know if it can be entirely done on 4 wheels.


I’ve been doing it here in Washington for 13 years since we’ve moved here from Hawaii. Back home we just sleep in the back of our trucks when we camp on the beach or right on the sand under the Kiawe trees. Can’t do that in Washington state. Either you will freeze or get hypothermia. I call Washington Tourette’s. It can be nice and sunny, then boom it starts raining. I had sun, rain, hail and snow all in one day here in WA. My truck has a bug out bag for my wife, son, and I in the truck. You can never tell in this state. This is my truck


I’ve been thinking long and hard about how I want to set everything up.
And I have it all decided. I’m going to build a new trailer for my Polaris.
Running the same tires and wheels as my jeep. And a roof-tent on top.
I like this idea as I won’t have to pack everything up to use my Jeep.
I’ll also haul a Pond Prowler or similar style boat on top of my Jeep.

I’ll have a boat, a side-by-side, a tent and all my gear, in one load.
I won’t have to keep the Jeep loaded down all the time, either.
Lots of storage for gear in the trailer.