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Over travel screw

I recently bought the trigger kit for my savage 6.5 creedmoor. Before I even got it adjusted it got tight so I started to back it out and my tool broke off flush in the screw, was I supposed to tap it before I put the screw in? I cant adjust over travel, any ideas are greatly appreciated, raised by machinists so I do know I can put my own screw in, does a socket head screw with a head (allen bolt) still give me enough over travel adjustment if they dont send another screw for me.


tiny center punch and tap it center usually loooses em enough .it happens .did it on a tailhook brace screw not that long ago. on button head and allen head screws, i have used a dremel tool to carefully cut a slot for a screwdriver a time or 2 in the past…


The old trick of the slit works and sometimes better, what surprised me was the taper the hole seemed to have in the factory hole in the trigger, didnt expect it so when I was running the screw in it stopped suddenly and snapped my tool off in it. I had to put vise grips on it to get it out, not MCarbos fault that the hole wasn’t clear but I got by it but my slot isnt perfect but I did make it out of stainless stock, so I have a nice back up now but prefer the clean socket head screw they provided which seems hard to find at local shops unless I order a whole bag


I’ve used Throttle Stop Allen Heads Before, Just a thought

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