Our own personal beehive, kinda

Sometime around 1530hrs yesterday as I was working away in my hooch and the wife was busy in the yard, she said come here and look. I could hear buzzing, lots of buzzing. Looking around I saw hundreds of insects flying above and around the patio cover, grabbed my phone and snapped a couple quick photos figuring it was just a passing thing. Got a few short videos as well. It was then I discovered the swarm was bees. As the wife is deathly allergic, I had her retreat to the house, verifying the EpiPen’s location. It was quite a sight; we’ve never witnessed this before. After a time, the swarm settled down and is protecting the queen. If they stick around more than a few days, we’ll make arraignments with a local beekeeper to collect them.


Very cool thing to watch. Never seen this kind of swarm up close and personal. But I did once have a huge beehive in a tree on my property. I would just sit and watch them sometimes. We are so dependent on these little creatures. It’s concerning that a lot of bee colonies have been dying in the past few years.


Be glad they are honey bees, that’s what they look like, surprising picture by the way.


Yes they are. These two photos were taken with our camera, Nikon B500. I really hope they hang around long enough to pollinate our orange tree. For now the scouts are flying here and there looking for a suitable home.


I believe it was albert Einstein who said the day the honey bee dies out is the day humans go with them. Maybe not those exact words. And in alot of areas there damn near endangered do to pesticides and over crowding.


And Asian hornets, now in the western US.

Wasps also kill bees. One of my routine tasks all summer and fall is killing wasps and destroying their nests.


Sometime after 1630hrs our swarm left us. Sadly, we did not get to witness their departure.


Well according to recent studies they probably relocated to either Texas or Tennessee. :rofl:


Hopefully they remember your garden and hit your tree up.


Kalifornia has become such a s#!t show that even the bees are leaving.


That is so awesome! We had a local hive in a neighbors brick wall, polinated our plants. Then one day a disrespectful person sprayed them all. Killed them all. And we can see the impact it had on our gardens polination.

As for swarms like that, just a fyi for anyone who doesn’t know. It is perfectly normal, bees get tired and they rest in swarms like that. They only stay for a few hours or a day or 2 max and move on. Please don’t kill them, unless absolutley necessary or call a bee keeper to relocate them.

Now were looking into our own bee hive, as not many bees are left around here.


My problem out here is yellow-jackets. Honeybees are actually a little rare out here.


They did. The orange tree is alive with them.


Awesome deal! They didn’t go to far then. Enjoy the fruits of their labor!


@Festus I can smell that picture! Citrus is one of my favorite smells!


Hey. Installed my 1st bee’s last week. 2 new hives. Italians. Put them inside a pretty new electric fenced area protecting some young peach and apple trees. Bears are a real problem in this part of east Tn.

Only got stung once (ankle). Pretty benign relative to a yellow-jacket sting.


Really got after the yellow jackets last year after getting nailed mowing. They got me 5 weeks in a row before I killed enough of them with traps.