Ordering issues from M*CARBO

So the other day I had a little issue with placing an order online using a discount code. I contacted the help desk and played phone tag with Jessica for a little while. When we finally were able to talk to each other, I placed my order with her and she applied the applicable code. That was at 10:05am. At 10:06am I had an email confirmation about my order. 12:44pm I received another email saying the order had shipped. Chris, what are you doing to poor Jessica, making her go out and pick, pack and ship phone orders?

Great service as expected from a great company.


@Popeye She is the the True! Go get Something Done around There and take care of the Issue, She’s Old School Customer Service is #1 &
has been for Years’ :+1: :+1:


Hey Popeye, that is just the way that Jessica operates I guess bc, anytime I’ve had a problem, as soon as talking to Jessica , issue fixed, and order was on the way. But those guys at M*CARBO know that the sale is what they’re there for. Unlike most places, they feel that you should beg them to sell you something. Not there, they want to help you, they know that is what pays them!!!


I’ve only bought once from M*CARBO ($20 trigger kit for Savage Axis), but I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with them again or to recommend people to shop there as well


@Savage636 Yep… I used them a few times…