Ordering from Legacy Firearms Co?

Has anyone ever purchased a holster from Legacy Firearms Co? If so, any success using PayPal?

Trying to purchase a holster from them with no luck. I know PayPal has gone full retard with firearm related purchases, but LFC lists it as a payment option on their site. Says payment has been denied every time. My PP account is active and my associated bank account is as well. Feels like PP being dicks and not having the sack to say so, but I dunno…



I see no one has replied to this. I’m surprised.

Want to move it to a different category maybe? I can or you can either one. Or can leave it here also.


I’m not, necessarily. They aren’t a large company and many might be using “off the shelf” holsters made for very popular carry guns by well known manufacturers. As well, they might not have tried using PayPal for payment. It’s all good.

I ended up trying about half a dozen times with PayPal just to confirm it wasn’t a fluke, gave up and finished the transaction with a credit card. One more reason to look at other payment methods in the future. PayPal deserves nothing, don’t give a s#!t how “convenient” it is. I’m finding the growing trend of businesses operating on some kind of bullshit moral high ground, thinking they’ve got a right and responsibility to monitor and filter the purchases of products and services people make more and more disturbing.

Anyway, looking forward to the holster. Will be sure to give it a plug in the G.A.S. thread if everything works out well.


Don’t give PayPal business. They’re completely woke.

Don’t fund people that hate you. It was not a mistake. Every word was approved by an entire staff of people. Don’t believe them when they say it shouldn’t have been there. What they really mean is it shouldn’t have been FOUND there.

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