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Optic Mount "pillow" for My M-Series

I just picked up my 9mm M-Series and while it has not been to the range yet - that will be this week-end, I did add my MCARBO optic mount for a red dot. I’m slightly concerned for the way the mount platform when folded can be pushed down and potentially bang against the guard just in front of the safety. I intend to use this gun and not baby it. It will go in a pack and likely get tossed around a bit. I’m thinking a piece of foam wedged between the bottom of the optic platform and the safety might do the trick.

Anyone with a good home grown solution or am I just being too picky??

Don’t be afraid to pile on!



I’m a visual kinda guy… Like when I first met my wife and she said eyes up here :grin:. Can you attach a Pic or two the area on the rifle this idea will take place.

I’m unclear regarding your concern. The safety does nothing while the sub is folded.

This has nothing to do with the safety itself. I’m just identifying WHERE the optic platform could contact the side of the weapon if the optic were to get slammed in rough handling.

Fold your carbine and with the weapon on its side optic up, then press down on the optic. I was trying (apparently badly) to describe the contact point.


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00Buck - See my reply to Dred. If that doesn’t help I’ll add a pic.


Mine is located slightly differently. But a soft bag will tend to hold it in this position. When you describe rough handling, I figure you expect scars. So, is your concern protecting the “zero” of the optic?

I beat the crap out of this one almost as much as it’s twin which is slide mounted on a 45. No problems holding zero.

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In between the optic and rail

Oh Ok… IMO not needed

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I’ve whammed slammed and thank you Mamed mine for years with out issues


Good to know! I’t new, so admittedly I’m suffering from the same syndrome as dreading that first scratch on the new car!!


Before releasing the mount after literally years of development, MCarbo turned over some prototypes to certain forum members with a special talent for destruction. Those guys put the mount and various optics through Hell and it held zero. I get your point about the “slack” and potential contact but would not worry about it.