Opinion wanted (everybody has one)

So there I was, standing at the counter at Sportsman’s Warehouse picking up my ammo order. I looked up to see a rack full of Ruger rifles. That’s unusual for Kaliunicornia. It turns out that one of them was a Predator .223 that I’ve been looking for for over a year. Out came the Mastercard.

Here’s where your opinion, and hopefully your experience comes in. I’ve been reading about the difference between .223 and 5.56, which is mainly pressure due to a very minor difference in throat length. .223 Wylde splits the difference and makes the cartridges interchangeable.

If you were in my position as a non-reloader, would you have the chamber reamed out before you even fired the gun, or would you shoot it for awhile and then get it done. I can’t pick it up until April 5th because of the 10 day waiting period :tired_face:.

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I would just shoot .223. I may be missing something, but why would you want to ream the chamber? You would not want to fire a 5.56 round through the .223 barrel from my experience, because of the increased pressure from the 5.56 as mentioned


@OldSpook If your rifle is stamped .223 only, you CANNOT go up to 5.56. However, if your rifle is stamped 5.56, you CAN go down to shoot .223 through it. No problem whatsoever shooting .223 through a 5.56 gun. 223 Wylde can also shoot both.


I would say leave it be. But I would drop it into a MDT chassis for that model if I had the itch to tacticoolify it.

That rifle out of the box is going to do 1/2 MOA all day long. That’s damn good for a bone stock, inexpensive rifle. 15-20 years ago, benchrest shooters paid thousands to get that kind of accuracy.

I’d put a Timney trigger and a nice Leupold scope on it.