M*CARBO Brotherhood

Only way to Fly

Flying from Sacramento to Little Rock now.
Going to visit my dad back on the farm. He is probably going to put me to work while I’m there. He always has something that needs welding.
This is the only way to fly! :crazy_face:


@Captainjack88 You are right about that being the best way to fly. You can bring a small bottle , 3.4 ounces , on the plane. They won’t know that it’s Patron. :rofl::rofl: In the 90’s in Little Rock this weekend. Be careful working out in the heat and humidity .


Thanks. I can handle the heat but definitely not use to the humidity.
He put in a pool last year, will jump in !


Here I go again :v::v:
Since I’m working in Reno, I’m flying out of Reno
and back. Not going to be home for two weeks. Never been away from my wife this long. Going to miss her✌️
Going to my daughters baby shower bar-b-q in Minnesota.
She hasn’t a clue I’m coming :v::v::v::v::v::v:
We were talking on the phone last week and I asked about names for the baby. She told me it’s going to be a surprise.
Well two can play this game​:v::v::v::v::v::v::v:

Oh the Patron is already gone.
Guess in need to order another :v: