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Online 25 Rifle and 15 Pistol Match --- Wrapped

The Target:

Long gun: 25yds - 10 shots

Rimfire v. Centerfire
Optics v. Irons

Short Gun: 15yds - 5 shots

Rimfire v. Centerfire

Each shooter may make one entry into each of six categories.

Shooters may shoot unlimited trials, but your first posted entry in any category is your entry into that category.

Submit your entries to THIS thread. Enter by posting a picture of your scored and signed target with the firearm and ammo used as part of the picture. The picture contains 4 qualifiers: 1) target must be self scored, 2) scored target must be signed, 3) firearm must be visible in the picture and 4) ammo used must be shown/identified in picture (hand loaded ammo does not require a recipe and can be described as hand loaded).

Touching Black - 10 points (touching x ring black is + .1)
Touching Target Rings (white) - 5 points

Example - @Kona submits with 9 shots touching x ring black and 10th touching black. The target scores 100.9 out of maximum potential of 101. Submitted targets should be clearly scored and signed. The firearm and ammo should be included in the picture.

Wanna play? Here goes round 1. Entries will be accepted in this thread through midnight Central Time Zone on 15 June in that thread.

There is honor in entering and no shame for submitting scores less than the highest - we aren’t gunfighting so there are no losers.



Long Gun, Centerfire, Irons (includes all non-magnified sights)

Long Gun, Centerfire, Optic (magnified sights only)

Long Gun, Rimfire, Irons (includes all non-magnified sights)

Long Gun, Rimfire, Optic (magnified sights only)

Glory Unlimited (Class Explanation)

  • @Dred, 5.31.2020 – 100.9

Pistol, Centerfire

Pistol, Rimfire


Entry for 25yd, centerfire, optic

Rock Island Armory M22 BA shooting Armscor USA 22TCM. Optic is Monstrum 3-9. Got this one out to the range for its second outing ever. Indoor range. Knee down with rifle balanced on the magazine. And, the 25yd range only gave me 24.7 yards in lane 1 where I was assigned so … I’ma cheat’n already.

Free advice … if you are starving, eat before you shoot.


I’m in.

Stock 9mm Sub-2000, Glock mag, no optic, standing, using Blazer 115 gr FMJ at 25 yds outdoor makeshift range.
Good luck to all.


Im in, gun and ammo dependant on best target success once our ranges open. Hopefully next week if our FuHer (governor) sees fit to allow it.


@Dred Outstanding job helping to get this project off the ground. :+1: You guys have taken the lead and got it well in hand.
Let me know if there is anything you need or I can do to help you. Otherwise I am going to let you all run with it.

I am very impressed and proud of you, for everything you have and are doing, to make this a reality. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
Nicely done to all. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Stock 9mm Sub-2000, Glock mag, no optic, standing, using Blazer 115 gr FMJ at 25 yds outdoor makeshift range.
Good luck to all.
Entry for 25yd, centerfire, factory sights.
I’m back from the outdoor range, accurately measured 25 yards (75’) with a tape. Noted above, nice sunny day. I fired at 2 targets in a standing position using the steel sights (BTW, never adjusted, factory setting). The first target 10 rounds was a warm up, in 15 seconds, good grouping but was a liitle high on the bullseye. So I thought to make it more challenging (personally) that I would fire the next 10 rounds at the target within 15 seconds, aimed a little lower. Here is the result. I count a score of 8 x 5 + 2 x 10 = 60
Thanks, it was fun, glad to participate, looking forward to seeing your targets!


I made this version of the Target if anyone wants to use it.


The standard target we will be using is a bit boring. How about this one?

Or for us “decrepit” shooters, maybe this one.


Nice work Joe! Can you add numbers to the outer rings?


I resemble that remark…


Do you mean like this? If I do it will not be appropriate for the scoring in the primary contest the way I understand it which is just 5, 10 or Plus .1. I don’t want to be a source of confusion rather than assistance. But yes, I can do it.


I’ve added divisions for 50 and 100 yards for those that can shoot those distances. Changed the scoring for those divisions as well.Online Match --- Enter by 15 June


@Festus Then here you go. This one is JPEG so I do not need to link to it. Be sure it prints the same size as the PDF.


Perfect Joe, thanks!


20 points for the “bullseye” but you need to add some dangly bits for the 10-pointers


@phuzzy42 Pervert! Don’t you know a female cat when you see one? :innocent:


Who’s a pervert? I’m not the one who drew a cat with a BIG bu… ahem … llseye’.


A poll has been posted at Mail in Matchs, any interest?.

Final determination for the rule in question will be made in an open vote, submitted by you, the community.
It will be put into place via the majority result, as voiced to be “the will and desire of the people” on this subject.
Your opinion is important.
Please take a moment and make your voice heard, by casting your vote.
Thank you.