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One of THOSE Days!

I took the slide apart on my G2c today. No trouble.
Cerakoted a few small parts and the slide, again.
No issues there either. Installed the TFX sights.
All went pretty well, some minor fitting and filing.
Really liking these sights on there.

Reassembly was a total freakin nightmare.

I dropped the ejector detent and spring 7 times.
It took me over an hour to find the detent, twice.
I would find it and immediately drop it again.
Also lost another spring that I never found.
Just made one from a AR disconnect spring.

I Cerakoted the slide for testing purposes.
Wanted to see how well it held up to blasting.
It did much better than the factory finish.
It took a bit of effort to remove it.


Yep one of those days too.

When I was laser bore sighting a rifle, I noticed I stop seeing in color, all except the laser and target. That freaked me out badly.

Then broke a freshly canned, can of peppers. Yeah not the best day.


I did have a good supply of Landshark to keep me calm.
There was still plenty of cursing through out the ordeal.

I just put an early morning coat on the SKS stock.
I put three coats of boiled linseed oil on yesterday.
I’ll go back in a couple hours see if it needs more.


Yesterday was…but today just got better. I have an American Defense QD picatinny mount with Auto Lock that I paid good money for and have not been able to find. I spent hours yesterday looking through every gun bag and box with no luck and had to have a few cocktails to help me fall asleep. Today I was thinking where it shouldn’t be and that’s where I found it…in an unused optic box with an optic I never had it mounted to. Ok, time for a cocktail!


@CatFood you stopped seeing…in color? What? Why?


@Kona yes when I was looking through the iron sights, all color disappeared (though I could see the red laser bore sighter). When I went back to normal (not looking through irons) it took a good 5-8 seconds for the color to come back. I can see in color as of now, and I have never had this problem before. Teal is a color I’m having a problem with now as well (makes my eyes trip out).

I am quite concerned (ok to hell with it I’m a bit scared) what is happening. So this pay period I’m going to go and see an eye doctor to see what the heck is going on. Been shooting for around 15 years and never had this happen before. I just rechecked it about 15 mins ago, still having the color loss looking through irons/red dot/scope.


That is not something I’ve heard of before.
Hope your eye doc gets it straightened out.
And definitely hope it’s not serious or permanent.



I would definitely do that, the sooner the better. I have glaucoma myself but was caught very early and can be handled with eye drops for now to keep the pressure down.


Damn, hope your optometrist gets you fixed. And I thought I had it bad this morning when I awoke to a broken coffee maker.


Edited, made a mistake on my tags, senior moment lol.

@Festus Yes I’m hoping too, she is pretty kick butt, adjusted my glasses focal point so I can see better when I shoot. Though I don’t drink coffee, I know to some it’s their blood, so it can be completely devastating lol.

@dave67 Yes going this weekend. I’ll see what it is, hopefully nothing to bad.

I’ll keep y’all updated, probably start my own thread if there is any significant findings. I know I have messed up eyes, left eye slight astigmatism and near-sightedness -4.75, right eye really bad astigmatism near-sightedness -2.75. Left eye dominant and right handed. I even used to take the short bus to school hahahahah.


Damn man! You OK?:laughing:


It’ll take more than that to get me down. Heated a pan of water and poured it thru the basket. Improvise, adapt and overcome!


I don’t drink coffee but my wife does. If this had happened at our house she would have dispatched me immediately to go buy another machine.
That’s her version of “adapt and overcome” :flushed:


Then you make good ole pot O coffee the American way.
Stainless pot & 100% Columbian
Even go out build a camp fire and get Columbian with it. !:smiley:
You know you got it right when you see Juan coming down the mountain in the morning with the rain dripping off of his sombrero leading his donkey with two 100 lb sacs of Colombian beans on its side.
Heading to market.


End of days right there…


Where did you apply the oil only on the stock?
Skull Merchant here.


Just on the wood. Gonna blue all the metal bits.
The wood came out great, but I’m not done yet.
All the little battle scars give it a lot of character.
I’m gonna put a coat of tung oil on next.