One Kel-Tec Firearm and one only

I saw the “one gun” thread and replied to it. I thought this topic may generate some interesting discussion: If you could only have one Kel-Tec gun, and didn’t have any other firearm, and it had to serve you for the rest of your life, what would you choose? MCarbo modifications are OK, of course. I think mine would be a modified PMR-30 with a holographic sight. High capacity, yet concealable. There is a possibility of jams with rimfire ammo, but they are relatively easy to clear. Would love to hear opinions from the rest of the brotherhood.


PLR-16 in 300BLK. If I had only one KT to pick and would feel sufficiently armed in almost any social situations.


Of all the ones I’ve had and currently own, a Gen 2 S2K in basic black with the G19 mag well. MCARBO-ized, of course.


I’d go with the KSG25 shotty loaded with shorties. One tube full of Rhodesian and the other with slugs.


BINGO; The KSG-25!
As apposed to my Remington 870 Express 7+1 which has a 20" barrel and a 38-1/2" OAL.
The KSG - 25 has a 30.5" barrel, and a 38" OAL.
That means the KSG has a 10" longer barrel, but is still slightly shorter overall than my 870!
So it’s shorter, more powerful / +accurate / ergonomic / +capacity, and more tactical.
As [Thatoneguy mentions]; FILLED WITH FEDERAL SHORTYS; gives you a 40+1 capacity.
Having 2 mag tubes, gives you a tactical advantage of switching to different loads.
You could have mini buck in one tube, mini slugs in the other, and a 3" load of bird in the chamber!
Even though I own a KSG-12, if I was forced to only have 1 Kel-Tech, It would be the KSG-25


Got mine already - Kel-Tec CQB.

  • Not bad in the house.
  • Good to 100 yds.
  • Works with 50 rd drum mags and Glock 33 rd fun stick!
  • I can reload 9mm.
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Gee, you guys mentioned a lot of shotguns, I forgot about those. I think you are right. I need to get one of the Kel-Tec SG’s.

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