M*CARBO Brotherhood

On line match development pt2

This is where all discussion of changes will transpire. Two groups will be recommended.

Group 1 will adhere to the following set of rules:

Basic rules for all Group 1 Divisions:

1: Age groups as defined by poll. 55 years old and under, those over 55.
( special divisions for those over 70 may be allowed if there’s sufficient participation.)

2: All targets will be time stamped and witnessed. Self scoring allowed.
(subject to verification by the facilitator.)

3: Targets to be the same for both groups with the following exception. All rings will be scored in
Group 1 and the official target will be available for download. image

4: Target photo to include Division, firearm, and ammo used, handloads allowed all groups.

5: A monthly thread will be available for scoring, post target photos there, limit discussions.
All targets will be due no later than the 15th of each month.

6: “Iron” sights, buckhorn, peep or notch types.

7: “Red Dot” any non magnified type such as holographic or laser allowed.

8: One entry in each division per month allowed, first target submitted is your score for the month.
(enter only those divisions you qualify for as based on age)

Group 1 Divisions

Div. A: 55 years old and under. 50 yards. Rimfire rifle. Iron, Red Dot, no magnification allowed.
Div. B: 56 years and over. 50 yards. Rimfire rifle. Any sighting system allowed.

Div. C: 55 y.o. and under. 50yds. .223/5.56 Rifle. Iron, Red Dot, no magnification allowed.
Div. D: 56y.o. and over. 50yds. .223/5,56 Rifle. Any sighting system allowed.

Div. E: 55y.o. and under. 50yds. PCC, any caliber. Iron, Red Dot, no magnification allowed.
Div. F: 56y.o. and over. 50yds. PCC, any caliber. Any sighting system allowed.

Div. G: 55y.o. and under. 50yds. Any rifle, any sighting system. (open class)
Div. H: 56y.o. and over. 50yds. Any rifle, any sighting system. (open class)

Divisions for the 100 yard will follow the same format, a “1” will be added to each. i.e.

Div. A1: 55y.o. and under. 100yds. Rimfire rifle.
Div. B1: 56y.o. and over. 100yds. Rimfire rifle.

Notice sights have not been defined. A poll will follow.
No handgun divisions yet in group 1. A poll will follow.

Group 2.

  • This is to address the 100yd divisions sights.
  • A. Any sights all ages
  • B. Limit magnification to 4X for 55 and under
  • C. Limit magnification to 6X 55 and under
  • D. No magnification for 55 and under

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  • Handgun divisions for group 1 yes
  • Handgun divisions for group1 no

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A note on downloaded and printed targets.

The outer diameter should be 7 and 7/8"

The 10 ring should be 1 and 3/4"

The 10X ring should be 7/8"

Printable on 8.5" X 11" paper.


More target notes. I tried to print the nice target Joe has doctored up but it didn’t work, too small. Maybe those with the full version of Adobe will have better luck.

The outer 7 ring is 5 19/32"

Outer 8 ring is 4 11/32"

Outer 9 ring in 3 1/16"

These are plus/minus, your printed targets may vary a 32nd or so.

I’ll allow this until we can work it out. (Hand write in the info)


The first couple rounds will be “beta”, or developmental until we can get everything sorted and running smooth. Feel free to voice your opinions and concerns here in this thread.

Vote in the polls! Feel free to suggest a poll! Get out and shoot!


Just got done reading up on both threads nice work guys. This is going to be fun. Thanks to all involved in getting this going. :clap::beers:


What about bipods? Allowed when shooting prone or no bipods?


Bipods, slings and sandbags are allowed. We’re in the developmental stages right now.

I’d like to stay away from sleds or bench rest shooting. If there’s enough that want a bench rest division…


I’m confused. IMO, bags on a bench is benchrest.

My plan is to sit at bench. Rest rifle on bag, bipod or other rest and fire 10. I call this bench rest, but I’m NOT a .25 MOA type guy. I own a couple fancy rests but no sled rigs here.

Do you need me to alter my plan to meet the spirit of the contest?

I can tell you 25 yd is NOT restricted. Bring on your sleds and targeting computers if it’s your thing. But, do tell us how you built your targets - e.g., no secret sleds.


@Festus The target version I sent to you was done in jpeg so it would not be necessary to link to it. The Forum does not permit the posting of PDFs. That target matched the measurements in your post, but print scaling settings could cause it to be smaller or larger than intended.
To address this, I have prepared the same target in PDF format and it can be accessed at the link below. If printed with no scaling checked the measurements should match those in your post. Here is the link:

Of course, people can also just use the original target and write in the ring numbers.


Nope, you’re fine. I consider “bench rested” when both ends of the rifle (fore end/hand guard and the butt or stock) are physically/mechanically supported. This is a good point and will be addressed in the rules.


check out NSSF.org/Targets for a variety of offerings.


@Dred Thanks for the target link. I especially like that some are designed to be printed on two pages and taped together for a larger target.


i cant see a value in handgun division in group 1. Maybe im being selfish, but id barely be on paper at 50yds. Handguns should stay in group 2 at either15 & 25 yds. Is the 5 round set meant to even the odds and avoid reloading low capacity guns? Seems easier to just shoot 10 rounds standard in all groups/divisions.

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Group 1 handgun divisions wouldn’t necessarily mean handguns at 50 & 100 yards. Rather, a tighter scoring and verification process. If there’s sufficient interest these divisions will be developed.

The intent of the two groups was for G1 to be the more structured, requiring verification by witness and time stamped entries while G2 is a more relaxed format. G1 will allow those with access to longer ranges the opportunity to shoot their rifles.

Good question on 5 rounds for handguns. Anyone else?

We’re in a beta state, working to get both groups finely honed for all members of the brotherhood.


G1 is for 50/100yds. G2 is for 25yds.


@Festus my memory is shot, imma have to write this stuff down lol