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Old Guns Versus New Guns And The Future?


couldnt resist…


Be careful what you wish for in terms of the younger generation showing interest in the family guns. My father in law died over 35 years ago leaving behind several long guns, including a Remington 30-06. For various reasons, those guns sat largely unused although my son and I shot the 30-06 on a few occasions. My son is in his late twenties now, has a concealed carry permit and owns several guns of his own. When he got married a few years ago, he and his wife moved into a condo where the long guns were stored in the same gun cabinet they had always been kept in.

A few months later we were visiting and he proudly brought out the 30-06 to show us the “modifications” he had made without asking. The classic walnut stocked deer rifle was gone. He had added picatinny rails, modern optics and had painted everything in flat dark earth, along with some other changes I don’t remember. His mother actually cried a bit at this desecration of her father’s rifle. I was upset too at first until I thought about it.

The gun had been sitting largely unused for 35 years and he had invested his own time and money to make it his own. And it was now being used. On balance it seemed to me that actually better respected the history and legacy of the rifle than letting it sit in a gun case looking nice. But it still killed me to see the paint on that stock.


I like the reaction you came to have. Personally I would probably prefer find another gun such changes fit better–but you’re right, if those modifications he made got him to be excited about and actually use the gun, then that seems like a good thing.

Personally I like a nice wood stock on the right gun, but it’s not doing any good in a safe. If guns had souls, I think they’d be most happy when they’re being shot.


@JoeFridaySays I probably would have cried a little bit too!

But I do agree with you, guns should be used, I think of myself as a shooter and not a collector!

@GOBLIN I loved that movie! Part of the reason I went through my “cowboy action” midlife crisis! Lol


I have 1921 Marbles “Game Getter” I inherited so to speak from my father in law.
I really had no idea what it was when I first got it.
I have a spare barrel (12") even though it can not be installed and some NIB ammo for. It’s O/U 22-410
The 410 takes 2" brass cases which is very difficult to find.
I have shot the 22 once cleaned it and put it away.
I’ll leave it to my nephew.